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Weird Radio Web Admin also Web Developer, is Slowly Losing Mind Whilst Building Expansive Website

From The Editor

Jan 15th, 2021

Weird radio web administrator is also the primary web developer and is writing to you through this article right now. The weird radio web administrator is losing his mind as he holds himself hostage to a labor of design love to bring you the best most accessible website possible. More assistance from journalists and reporters is requested to keep up with breaking news and to help develop news pages for WEIRD RADIO.

As the primary web developer at WEIRD RADIO my first task is to provide you with a quality website with a balanced aesthetic, high readability, and perfectly efficient accessibility. This has to be considered with each and every single page both in the desktop site and the mobile site.

AND IT'S WRECKING ME. HOURS, HOURS SPENT MOVING PAGE ELEMENTS PIXEL BY PIXEL, AND SCREW CODE I'M DOING ALL OF THIS WITH THE IN-SITE WIX EDITOR BECAUSE I'M A GLUTTON FOR PUNISHMENT AND CAN'T BE BOTHERED WITH DEFINING BORDERS AND CELL PARAMETERS AND COLOR HEX CODES BECAUSE... WEB DEVELOPMENT. Though it's so very very fulfilling seeing each page come together beautiful to make an actual usable website. Web development to some degree is much like graphic design lite in that an eye towards both composition and utility must be had. In fact many similarities may be observed between web development and interior design in that every strip, column, background image, foreground element, and their relative position to each other must be considered for their spatial relationships and the degree of invitingness each website possesses.

The digestibility of each website is paramount when considering return audiences and recurring elements on your web page. A recurring piece of material at WEIRD RADIO will be our news articles where we'll strive to bring you non-biased observations and journalistic excellence. At weird radio the accurate reporting of the news is recognized to be an essential part of daily media. The modern news cycle, however, is a difficult one to keep up with considering each day brings new happenings and with the current state of the media where over-exposure and saturation seem to be the current fad as we beat every horse into a pinkish liquid derived from the red paste of current events. Due to the speed at which news stories propagate in this media cycle we require, nay WE BEG OF YOU to help out with our news stories and contribute to elucidate current events to the public. This includes web development as you'll be asked to develop the graphical content of your own curated column.

I realize this article ended up being less a news article and more of a state of affairs posting, which turned into more of a cry for help, which turned into more of a job advert, which turned more into self-satire... so if you want the job... write me an article and send it to info.weirdradio@gmail.com, you won't get paid. But you'll likely get the position if you bother to take the time to write. I literally built this entire website and I'm absolutely exhausted. I want someone else to do it. Again, you won't get paid. Until later, in which case you'll probably be overpaid for the quality and output of your work.

  • Do you know how much work goes into this shit?