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Weird Radio Desperately Seeking Hosts for Shows

from the editor

Jan 15th, 2021

Weird radio is desperately seeking additional hosts to help in station management and filling out station programming with live blocks. Weird radio sees a demand for live entertainment and a repose from the current news cycle of doom and gloom and covid war rooms. weird radio is seeking unique personalities to bring unique programming and to help cater unique music instead of the same tired pop slop the mainstream market considers profitable.

Our current programming cycle features recurring segments, some portions of which were previously recorded. While many independent artists are featured on WEIRD RADIO our actual studio is run with a very minimal skeleton crew. All of our DJs also take on the roles of  station management, sound engineering, web development, human resources, and are themselves recording artists. We're thrilled there is such demand for truly independent media though our resources are also spread very thin. There's one guy in the office who does way too much and has relatively no idea what's going on and is station manager, editor, journalist, DJ, web developer, and recording artist all at the same time. It's rough...

Between our soft opening on Friday, January 15th, 2021, and Sunday, January 17th. 2021 we'll be looking to incorporate more producers, technicians, and human resource experts behind the scenes and more DJ's, talk hosts, and journalists on the front end. We're looking for more open-minded individuals with a flair for the ludicrous to help bring a fresh perspective on the world and its wonderful weirdness to the masses.

We are actively looking for hosts with no restriction on subject matter. The Editor-in-Chief and the Station Owner are even willing to host a shit-show of opposing political views duking it out in one room challenging each other's disinformation but boy is that a fucked idea. I mean... if you really want to but... man that's going to be a fucking mess. Otherwise we're seeking coverage on a variety of subjects in current events and hosts, DJs, and talent scouts to represent artists for the breadth of music across all genres.

The actual time commitment to such a thing would be roughly 10-20 minutes of commentary and 5-10 second station shout-out spots between tracks to help cover at least an hour of unique music. Alternatively you could talk the whole hour but you better make it interesting and have some intro/transition/outro music.

The current media climate is not conducive to any real discussion of anything happening in the world besides societal collapse, though we all know that shit is happening and we're watching the end of the nuclear era in real time and the true beginning of the virtual era. We need real reporting on current events and real scrutiny of policies at work in the world, not idealogical posturing and popularity contests and the toxic dick-measuring contest that has become the election. We need journalists willing to dig into the dirt of the world and find out what corporate interests of big pharma, big ag, big tech, big industry, big mil, big media, and their effect on the world and how they're twisting the human experience into a marketing nightmare where not a single fucking person has their own mind on anything other than what they are presented to use as their existential cue card.

This world is full of ego sick mind slaves sucking from the corporate teat making fools of all of us by shoving mutant mockeries of our own ideas down our throats in an iEra of CorpoLove. Fuck that noise, let's blow the lid off all that shit and make a world that's safe for ideas and talking about those ideas.

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