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Weird Radio  Event at Blue Mountain Coffee Cancelled!

By Skyler Meany


     Sparked from reminiscence on tales of old, Blue Mountain Coffee planned a New Year's Eve event. With the eight band performance pushed back to MLK weekend, we prepared a livestream of the event and an afterparty for our online fans. Unfortunately, the mayor shut down all outdoor events because of spikes in Covid cases. And so comes the story of the silveriest of linings, for even in the darkest of storms, lightning reveals all. Weird Radio is proud to be hosting the entire event now.


     We're working to get the bands that would've played in real life to do online sets. We're also excited to invite all of our Weird Radio bands and musicians to perform live, this Sunday, 1/17/2021. The international online event shall take place from noon to well after midnight. Can't and shan't such excitement be contained, and we promise it will be one of the weirdest international shows ever conducted. This show is launching alongside our brand new Weird Radio website and our Weird Radio YouTube Channel [and sister channel(s)]. The video livestreams of band performances, interviews and more shall take place on our sister channel. You will be able to find both channels easily by searching Weird Radio on YouTube. Weird Radio is the name of our main channel, and you can find the sister channel from there.

      Despite this great opportunity for the station, we are undoubtedly bummed to not be able to host our first in-person live event at Blue Mountain Coffee. They make delicious Jamaican coffee, and the owner was great at getting the event organized. She is planning another event sometime this summer, pending Covid restrictions being lifted. We were especially excited to meet the Wailers, who were to be headlining the MLK event. For those bands who were going to play at the physical show and are unable to play this Sunday's digital show, we are hoping to get some interviews and feature their music in our standard broadcast anyway. One of my personal favorites among them, Metal and Wood, has a unique motivation and message regarding how imperative it is to protect the plants and animals of this planet. A beautiful and true message.


     With the lousy year we leave behind (in the trash can), silver linings are a theme we could use at a time like this.  Losing those dearest to us takes its toll. Music is such an effective means of processing the pain. Anything you are passionate about, any art or act that takes you away from this realm, if only for a moment, to give us the breath we need above water. I know they can hear the music, they can see the art, they can feel the cheer of the crowd when you catch that touchdown. Our loved ones that passed away are always with us in one way or another, and the frustration of not being able to communicate with them (in the way we're used to) is a burden we must bear in this realm. We must allow ourselves to do right by them, to live our lives and make the most of our time here.

     Lovers, friends, family and others are there to help those for whom they care most. In their kindness is salvation, love and comfort. But happiness itself shan't wash away the hurt. Nothing will. Not booze. Not drugs. Not the unthinkable. The only true way to face the pain is to confront it, to channel it into something. Most people resort to channeling it into misdirected anger, bad decisions and more. But we can save us from ourselves. Channel that hurt into something beautiful. Let it flow through you and take you to a higher place. And then, your lost loved ones shall surround you in that moment, joining you as you speak a message from your heart, your soul, your inner-most being.

     Weird Radio values promoting kindness, togetherness and love. No event cancellation, no setback, no loss shall ever stop what we started. When one of my dearest friends, Johnathan Jackson, first discussed Weird Radio with me, he inspired me. John Jackson inspired and aided in creating this station, for which I shall forever be grateful. When he first told me about his old radio shows, Johnny J and the Night Shift & a fun wake and bake show, I knew this was the answer we'd be seeking. Starting are own radio station gave a home to our music, and to the music of so many others. Adored and appreciated are all in the Weird Radio family. Last November, we lost John Jackson, who passed away peacefully in his sleep. Tomorrow's event shall feature commemorations of John Jackson's life, accomplishments and dreams for the future. We love and miss our dear brother John, and shall cherish his memory always. Remember this, Weird Radio would not exist without Johnathan Jackson.


      A big thank you to Blue Mountain Coffee for organizing the initial event, and we're sorry it was cancelled. Originally Weird Radio was going to do an online afterparty and broadcast of the event in West Palm Beach, but it has evolved into so much more for us. Our first online international mega-festival! We hope this to be the first of many. A big thank you to Ernst and Spooky for working day and night to make this possible. A big thanks to our listeners, whom without we could collapse. A big thank you to my friends and family, and to the love of my life, you keep my head above water. Cherish your loved ones, and I wish you all a prosperous and joyous New Year. If you want more details on the event on Sunday, 1/17/2021, be sure to check out my other article about the event!