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a brain, to bring on a seizure to a brain, i.e. to cause a neural storm.the pharmaceutical giants are the facilitators, their p.r. companies are the pushers, and the insurance companies are the profiteers.fats and oils break down the barriers of blood brain barrier. Thus pharmaceutical companies are not trying to cure people of their ailments, they are trying to endow their products with miraculous qualities, and make it easier for them to receive that which they already have in nature. To make them more effective in that endeavour, they have to alter the composition of the drugs through the addition of all kinds of synthetic chemicals, none of which have a side-effect, but which become yet more harmful to people with long-term exposure. As the experts have learned, the side-effects are more subtle than people realise. For example, even something as small as the salt that has been added to the drugs, will cause an over production of sodium which in turn creates a problem of low potassium in the body. With long term use the body loses the ability to regulate the potassium which can lead to paralysis. Most people are unaware of this side-effect because the only real danger is a short-term overdose, and the antidote is salt. Some of the side-effects of drugs are quite obvious and are easily recognized. You can make some fairly quick assumptions about whether you have an inflammatory reaction to certain foods, and you can manage that. A terrible pain in your chest can be related to a combination of stress and a chemical in a food. Most of us know how to manage that. The other thing that is obvious is muscle aches, and this is a fairly common reaction to the many drugs we have been prescribed, and it is quite easy to attribute it to the environment or to stress or physical activity. The fact that it is a well known phenomenon means that people don’t ask the doctor for help and neither do they attempt to understand it. Thus there is a growing population of people who, while managing the symptoms, never ask the question of why they have those symptoms. When there is no question the body loses a way of understanding itself, which is what happens when you have a broken arm or a pulled muscle. Glyphosate is a chemical that is far more potent than sulphuric acid, and as a result, it is used to kill weeds and some lawns, and to keep grain fields free of weeds. Glyphosate is



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Solucionario Antenas Cardama

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