Music Equipment

Guerilla Jam


Are you inquiring on our programming? You'll never expect this! Coming at you... whenever we feel like it! Here's a live jam sesh with the best live artists at home and abroad!


Tuesday @ NOON EST

Here at Weird Radio we know the value of some good reading and want to impart that to you. From literature, to poetry, to screenplays, to award-winning articles, we understand that language is the stuff ideas and the written word is the portrait of the mind. Here in the study you get to look into ours.

The Longplay

Saturday @ NOON EST

Do you ever listen to a whole album in one sitting? Well get ready to do it again! Sometimes you hear that one up-and-coming artist that you know is going to take the world by storm, we know we do, so we're going to give them a platform by which to take that world and absolutely dominate it.

Meetings of Meaning

Sundays @ NOON EST

You ever feel like there was something beneath the surface of this construct we call life? Are you pondering the factors that make up the situational milieu of your being? Do the questions of the nature of reality gnaw at you every waking moment of your existence? Join DJ Ernst FM for some thought provoking conversations and soliloquies.

Z to A in the Day

Daily @ 5 AM & 1 PM EST

This is all of it, absolutely all of it. run it back with DJ Walton Pembrow and lets crack into our box of goodies while we infect your soundholes with all our earworms, from seattle to tokyo we got you covered for all the sounds of your day.

A to Z in the Eve

Daily @ 9 PM EST

All the things from A to Zed, let's review the day with all your favorites. This is the Johnathan Jackson Memorial Broadcast and he had a dream alongside station owner Skyler Meany, and that was to bring you the best radio you never heard. Let's get weird!


Daily @ 8 PM EST

Sharpen those teeth on a show with some bite. This a sonic assault in full metal jacket. get ready for blood on this highway to oblivion. A perfect soundtrack for the whirlwind of mayhem that is this disease-ridden era of destruction we call hell and home. your boatman for this ride is DJ Eeyore.

Electro-Happy H our Power Shower 5000

Daily @ 7 PM EST

Here's a shock to your system with some of the best electronic, synth, and trip to scrub that brain with. light your night up like a neon dawn. DJ Hans Gruben will be your guide to the sonic tomorrowland

The PB&J Prime Band Jams Show

Daily @ 6 PM EST

Prime time entertainment with DJ Spooky! Wind down with some chillax tunes, break out the cigars and the drinks and lets get our friday night on, every night!


our programming specially catered to your strange tastes


Thursday @ NOON EST

They say the human experience is more than 70% visual so we're going to explore that human experience here in the gallery. we'll be reviewing your favorite artwork, films, and videogames and taking a long hard look into the mind's eye.


Monday, Wednesday, Friday @ NOON EST

WEIRD RADIO! LIVE! We're coming at you live with a custom curated block and live commentary on the world today, stay tuned for all the newest and weirdest!

The British Morning Show

Daily @ 11 AM EST

Wake up with Darwin McElherd and ease into your day with some of the chillest tunes on either side of the pond. We got that funk and that rockin' vibe for that boiler room you're stuck in, so have a good morning, cheerio!

Five Minute Trivia


DJ Spooky coming at you with some juicy trivia. All the right things to get you started asking "What the..." From history, to current events, to the little known of your favorite things. five minutes of all the weirdest things, surely you can spare five minutes to get you thinking for five hours?



You want to win something? This is your chance. We don't know what you'll win, we don't know when this airs, we don't even know who DJ's this, but you'll know when it explodes in your face!